Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage Simplicity 1577 Dress

This is my first try at sewing Simplicity 1577--a vintage dress pattern from 1956 ( The dress has kimono sleeves which I lengthened by about 2 inches, a gored skirt and two front pockets. I chose to do the collar in a contrast fabric. The dress is a plain cotton. The pockets are trimmed with nylon braid.

What is hilarious about this dress is that I added width to the pattern pieces based on my measurements/back of envelope measurements. However, I added too waaay too much ease and ended up taking it all in. If I had just measured the flat pattern pieces I would have realized I didn't need to do that fussing. Oops.

I discovered that altering the kimono sleeves was a bad idea. Because of my full bust, the longer sleeves ended up getting bunchy in the arm pits. It's not super noticeable in looking at these pictures, so I'm trying to be chill about it.

The one fit issue I did tinker more with was the width of the back of the dress. You may not be able to tell, but the dress kept on sliding off my shoulders. When I took the back in about 3/4" the dress fit much better and actually stayed put.

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  1. What a very pretty dress. It looks lovely on you. I hate it when I go to so much trouble on the pattern, thinking I am doing a good thing and then it comes to light I was doing it all for nothing!